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We Offer High Class Quality Solutions For Advertisers And publishers and We Connect Advertisers to Publishers All Around The world.

Frequently Asked Questions For Publishers >>

Q. How much can I earn from Pop Under Cash?

>> A. We don't have fixed rates & Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like: visitor's country, your website quality and your traffic quality.

Q. When will I be paid?

>> A. Usually we will send the payment in about 24 hours after the request is sent, and it may also take up to 48 Hours.

Q. Are adult websites accepted?

>> A. Yes, if their content is legal. please see our Terms of Service.

Q. Can I use other popunder/popups on my website?

>> A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can you tell me an average CPM for my website?

>> A. If you contact us through an instant messenger we will tell you an average CPM rate for your website.

Q. Do you pay for worldwide traffic?

>> A. Yes, we pay for all the traffic sent to us.

Q. What is the minimum withdraw payment?

>> A. Minimum payment is 10 USD. You can choose to receive your payments through PayPal.

Q. Why My Website is Suspended/Rejected?

>> A. If you send a Bot Traffic like (jiggling) , Proxy Traffic Or if you use our direct Link and send traffic any Direct method so your site is Suspended. We also do not Allow Child Abuse Content Sites.

Q. Can we use Popundercash with Google Adsense?

>> A. According to Google's FAQ, they allow you to have up to 3 popups or popunders on your website. However, we cannot speak for Google and we cannot take any responsibility for their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Advertisers >>

Q. How much does it cost to advertise through Popundercash.net?

>> A. The price is dynamic since the bids are controlled by the market. We use a bidding system where you can choose how much to pay per visitor. You also have full control over your costs. We've introduced a minimum cost per visitor which is currently $0.001 per unique visitor.

Q. What is the minimum amount to deposit?

>> A. Minimum amount to deposit is 5 USD.

Q. How long does it take for a campaign to get approved?

>> A. If we are in the working hours it will take less than one hour, but outside working hours, in weekends or in holidays it may take up to 24 hours.

Q. What are the deposit methods?

>> A. You can deposit your funds via Paypal.

Q. What targeting is possible?

>> A. Currently you can target your campaign by category. (adult/non-adult), frequency cap (unique). ID inclusions and exlcusions are also available.

Q. Can I stop a campaign and receive remaining money back?

>> A. Yes. You can stop a campaign at any time and cash out the money remaining in your Available Balance or in your campaign Remaining Balance.

Q. How do you prevent traffic fraud?

>> A. Popundercash has many protection systems in place. A visitor will reach the advertiser's campaign landing page only after it has passed strict and severe security checks.

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